Nandos Tongue In Cheek Adverts

Nandos and their tongue in cheek adverts were very successful. Their traditional approach to breaking through the advertising clutter worked wonders during the period of the Soccer World Cup 2010. They were strategic and creative in their approach which enabled the brand to stand out from all the other brands during this time period. Therefore for an unofficial sponsor of the World Cup 2010 there were other successful ways to work around FIFA’s strict by-laws, Nandos kept to their traditional advertising methods and used humor and media (current newsworthy events) to their advantage which got consumers talking about the brand.

Click on the link below to view one of their T.V adverts:


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2 Responses to Nandos Tongue In Cheek Adverts

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  2. Sean Blyth says:

    Who thinks up this stuff? These guys are at the top of the game as far as I’m concerned. You have to have a well oiled, agile machine to take advantage of current events as fodder for marketing as the team behind Nandos has. I have to admit, as a bit of a mass media cynic, that the real reason I love Nandos (besides the great taste) is the fact that I love the adds. Now we know why the chicken crossed the road…it didn’t want to be uncool!

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