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This blog is aimed to enable marketers and brand strategists to observe restrictions as obstacles, not as barriers. Innovation is key to succeed  in creating brand awareness. When faced with restrictions companies should think outside the box and come up with interesting, strategic and innovative ways to target their mass audience and make their marketing message stand out from the advertising clutter. Restrictions are challenges to exercise the creative mind, if there is an opportunity to take advantage of, don’t let this restrict you from reaching your desired target audience.

Think Outside the Box, Deviate Restrictions

Companies come across restrictions in many situations, may it be restrictions imposed by a corporate body such as FIFA when they enforced their By-Laws, or imposed by the law of the state, or restrictions imposed by society and consumers as a whole.

As the media landscape has evolved and shifts in consumer behaviour have emerged, companies are trying to create a brand image that sticks in the mind of the consumer and forms a relationship with its target market, creating a dialogue between the brand and its end user.  Consumers are no longer passive listeners to advertising messages thus society and consumer’s cognitive thoughts as well as the evolution of new media platforms have created restrictions to advertising and branding. Thus we can observe who deviates around these restrictions or who gets left behind.

Sponsorship or sponsoring a mega sports event, such as the FIFA World Cup 2010 is a non-traditional alternative to advertise with. This media platform created a base for multi million dollar companies who have excess capital to directly link their brands to, targeting a mass audience, globally. Or is this an opportunity for other brands to seize. Which brands thought out the box? Strategic and clever would describe the brands who did not sit back and watch this mega event pass by. Were you sleeping during the cup month?

For brand awareness to be successful companies need to break through the clutter for their marketing message to stand out and remain in the mind of the consumer.  But how could you stand out from the massive crowd of brands when sponsorship is ‘not in the cards’? Innovative and creative brands have achieved this.

Whatever the restrictions are that companies face, a clever and strategic decision for any company would be to take any restriction you come across that stands in the way of reaching your target market, whether the restriction be imposed by a corporate governing body, by law or society, treat it as an obstacle to tackle and work around it to create brand awareness and leave your message in the mind of the consumer.

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